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Postdoctoral position available in the “Senescence, Fibrosis and Cancer” team at the ONCOLille Institute, Lille (France)

Applications are invited for a four-year postdoctoral position in the “Senescence, Fibrosis and Cancer” team headed by Corinne Abbadie in the CANTHER laboratory (https://canther.fr/en/canther-cancer- heterogeneity-plasticity-and-resistance-to-therapies/ ) at the ONCOLille Institute, Lille, France (https://www.oncolille.eu/).

The recruited scientist will work on the SENSARCOME project, funded by INCa.  The  project  will  be  conducted  in  collaboration  with  the  Bernard  Lopez  team  at  the  Institut Cochin, Paris (https://www.institutcochin.fr/la-recherche/drc/equipe-b-lopez).
The objective of the SENSARCOME project is to investigate whether senescence induced by DNA single-strand  breaks  could  be  a  step  in  the  generation  of  secondary  sarcomas  after  anti-cancer radiotherapy. The project will require the implementation of several technologies including culture of primary cells, molecular biology, cell imaging and in vivo experiments in mice.    
The applicants of any nationality must hold a PhD in an area related to the project and must have expertise in the required techniques. Candidates are encouraged to submit a full detailed CV, a cover letter describing their motivation, and reference letters to corinne.abbadie@ibl.cnrs.fr
Expected employment starting date: 2022-01.