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Parcours Evolutionary biology

  • Durée: 4 semestre(s)
  • Accessible en: Formation initiale , Formation continue
  • Langue(s) d'enseignement: Anglais
  • Niveau de diplôme requis à l'entrée: BAC+3
  • Niveau de diplôme validé à la sortie: BAC+5
  • 20210618

Objectifs de la formation

The Master Evolutionary Biology (EvoBio) is a new master of the Graduate program of Lille University. It is a two years (4 semester, 30 ECTS each) International Master’s program taught in English and including a mobility in foreign universities.

The objectif of the course is to provide students with high-level knowledge and skills in Evolutionary Biology in order to potentially continue towards Doctoral studies.


Spécificités de la formation

  • High level of supervision and training
  • A master degree in a stimulating scientific Environment within the Graduate Program ’Science for a changing planet’
    • 22 laboratories included in excellence or high level programs
    • 292 PhD students
    • An interdisciplinary training from the master to the doctorate including an international environment, mobility and thematic summer schools

Compétences visées

  • to be expert in Evolutionary Biology and notably in population genomics, evolutionary genomics, statistics and modelling;
  • to have a good understanding of ecological concepts, bioinformatic tools and NGS data management;
  • to be well prepared to start a PhD thesis;
  • to develop high skills in project management, intercultural communication, and be fluent in English.

Modalités d'admission/ Conditions d'accès

Master  GP-EvoBio’s  capacity  :  15  places  in Master 1 and 15 Places in Master 2.

Recruitment  calendar: 

Session 1 -  opening  from  March 1st, 2021 to April 17, = 2021 - Admissions will = be released on April 30 2021

Session 2 -  opening  from  April 30, 2021 to June 20, = 2021 - Admissions will = be released on June 30 2021

Admission  to  the  first  year  of  the  master’s program  is  subject  to  the  examination  of candidates application. Candidates shall hold:

  • a  BSc  (Licence)  in  Population  Biology  or equivalent,
  • relevant theoretical  knowledge and practical experience (previous academic program, skills acquired, academic level, internship ...)
  • a  motivation  to  study  in  an  multicultural environment (international mobility…). 
  • good english skills (minimum scores for Toefl paper test 550; IELST:6.5; CEF Europass: B2)

International  students  must  complete  the Campus  France  procedure  as  soon  as  possible (  for  application  to  the Master and Student Visa.

Students  with  no  Campus  France  agency  and Europeans  have  to  go  through  the  university’s application program e-candidat 

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A titre indicatif, veuillez trouver ci-dessous la maquette des enseignements de l'année 2020/2021, déclinée par semestre et Bloc de Connaissances et de Compétences (BCC). La maquette de l'année 2021/2022 sera consultable à compter du mois d'avril 2021.

Organisation de la formation

  • The master GP-EvoBio is a 2 years course in English.
  • The course is organised around 4 blocks of knowledge and skills:
    • BKS1- Knowledge on biodiversity at different scales and the functioning of natural and anthropized ecosystems
    • BKS2- Selection, development and application of tools dedicated to biological and ecological objects
    • BKS3- Design and management of projects in ecology and evolution
    • BKS4- Training valorisation to build a professional project
  • The graduate program promotes international mobility : for all masters belonging to the Graduate Program, students have to spend part of the course abroad for a semestrer or during one of the research internships. To ensure that this mobility takes place in the best conditions, we are developping collaborations with others universities and grants are potentially available to help with the mobility costs.


UE 1 From genotype to phenotype 3 crédit(s)
UE 2 Evolutionnary biology & Population Dynamics 9 crédit(s)
UE 3 Conservation genetics 3 crédit(s)
UE 4 Introduction to Omics data 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Statistics initiation with R 3 crédit(s)
UE 2 Bioinformatics tools 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Language : English or FLE 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Student project 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Theoretical modelling 3 crédit(s)
UE 2 Ecology : from theory to experiments 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Multivariate statistics 3 crédit(s)
UE 2 Experimental approaches in Ecology 3 crédit(s)
UE 3 Experimental Evolutionary Genetics 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Scientific writing 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Research in « global changes and biodiversity » 3 crédit(s)
UE 2 Professionnal Internship 9 crédit(s)
UE 2 Population genomics 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Evolutionary genomics 3 crédit(s)
UE 3 Macroevolution 3 crédit(s)
UE 2 Introduction to Bioinformatics 6 crédit(s)
UE 1 GLM statistics 3 crédit(s)
UE 2 Student project : project management 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Bibliographic project 6 crédit(s)
UE 1 Research in « Evolution of mating systems » 3 crédit(s)
UE 1 Research project 30 crédit(s)

Insertion professionnelle

  • At the end of this training, students can apply for engineering-level positions, both in the public and private sectors, or for the preparation of a PhD thesis in France or abroad. The training, entirely taught in English, consists of courses, practical work and internships. Interships will be followed by a dissertation and a defence.
  • The Master EvoBio is organized by the Evolution, Ecology and Paleontology Lab (EEP).
  • The Master Evolutionary Biology (EvoBio) trains students to become: Researcher (after defending a thesis), Environmental engineer, Scientific mediator.
  • In sectors such as Public research establishments, environmental officies, natural museums, natural reserves, Bio-technological industries (sequencing, …).

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