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Department of Physics

Internships for middle- & high-school

Internship in a laboratory

The Department Physics associates its research laboratories to host middle- and high-school pupils to let them discover scientific research during a few days. For more information and to apply, contact the international relationship coordinator.


High-school internships

This one-week internship is open to first-year pupils at high-school. Those interested must complete an application form with a letter of motivation. Applicants are selected given the limited number of trainees in the Physics Department. Applications with a clear professional project in the field of physics are preferred.

Registrations for 2023 are pending.

The course takes place during the week of the baccalaureate, i.e. around June 20th each year. The schedule is based on that of the high schools: 9am-4:30pm, except Wednesday afternoon which is free. Meals, financed by the Physics Department, are taken together in the university restaurant.

At the end of the week, the interns from all departments are invited to briefly present one of their activities seen during the internship:

This week aims at discovering the job of a researcher and understanding the physicist's approach: observing, analyzing and interpreting phenomena, sketching and validating a theory through a new experiment.
To this end, the emphasis is placed on the experimental aspect of physics by allowing the trainees to use the equipment available in the Physics Department and the OpenLab.


In addition to this, other types of activities include, for example

  • Lectures and debates on subjects of environmental and societal importance (energy and climate, nanotechnologies), fundamental (astrophysics, lasers, nuclear fission and fusion) or historical (colors);
  • Visits to laboratories, from the Physics Department: (PhLAM, LOA, UMET, IEMN), and even from other Departments: PC2A (Chemistry), Observatoire de Lille and common research centers (IRCICA, ICARE, CERLA, Chevreuil) ;
  • Demonstrations: magnetic levitation train, gravitational lenses, measurement of the speed of light (PhysiFolies Association)
  • Meeting with professors and researchers, including doctoral students to discuss their research topic and their career;
  • Discovery of the Cité Scientifique campus.

For more information about internships, contact Denis Duflot.

Laboratoire PhLAM
Bâtiment P5
Campus Cité Scientifique 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq
Tel : +33 (0)03 20 43 49 80
e-mail : denis.duflotuniv-lillefr