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Department of Physics

Mobility options for Free movers

The Physics Department of our Faculty is keen on hosting international students desirous to study abroad, on an individual basis (outside any mobility programmes).

Two options are available: to complete an (introduction to) research training in one of our many laboratories and research units or to register for a diploma course.

 Applying for a laboratory research training  

It is recommended to visit the homepages of our Research units (comprising several teams) to explore our many research activities and help you identify your topics of interest: EPHONI (Physics of waves, nanostructures and interfaces), UMET (Materials sciences and applications lab.), PhLAM (Physics of Lasers, Atoms & Molecules lab.) and LOA (Atmospheric optics lab.).

To apply:

  • Step 1: send by email your application (CV and accompanying letter describing your level of studies, motivation, period and Research units/Lab., etc.) directly to the coordinator for International mobility.
  • Step 2: If your application is accepted, you will have to draw up a traineeship agreement with your host structure. This is mandatory for your stay at the University of Lille.

For further detail visit this page from the University of Lille.

 Applying for physics courses  

Most of our courses are taught in French but we also offer English-taught physics courses within our Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. Opportunty is also given to attend French lessons for foreigners, but a minimum B2 level in French is highly recommended.

To apply: visit this page from the University of Lille.