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Department of Physics

Master's in Physics, in Pharmaceutical materials and in Life sciences

International students fluent in French (B2 level is the minimum recommended) can attend part or all of our Master's in Physics in French. One focuses on Physics and applications, the other one on Fundamental physics.

In addition, discover below our Master's in Physics, in Pharmaceutical materials (Joint European Master Degree BioPhaM) and in  Life Sciences (programme integrated with physicts etc.) entirely taught in English, from the first (M1) to second year (M2). Visit the links provided and contact the International mobility coordinator for physics for further detail (to explore the content of our programmes, make a selection of your interests and eventually establish the Learning Agreement).

International Master's in Physics

 M1: Physics for the 21st Century   

The courses of this Master's in physics cover both experimental and theoretical aspects and offer a solid background in general physics, with openings towards one of our two second-year curricula: either Optics, Lasers and Complex Systems (SCOL), or: Matter, Molecules and their Environment (MME).

Programme coordinator: Céline Toubin

 M2: Fundamental physics and Applications   

Two research-oriented curricula are available in English, SCOL and MME:
MME: the Matter, Molecules and their Environments programme provides an advanced training in the fields of condensed or diluted matter physics, atmospheric physics and molecular modeling. Programme coordinator: Philippe Carrez
SCOL: The Complex Systems, Optics and Lasers   curriculum emphasizes on optics and its applications in the fields of lasers, telecommunications, atmospheric physics and on the study of complex systems. Programme coordinator: Christophe Szwaj

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master BioPhaM

 M1 + M2: European Master Erasmus Mundus BioPhaM   

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree BIOPHAM is a two-year master programme entirely taught in English. It aims at meeting an international demand for qualified graduates with theoretical and applied high-level training in materials science and its applications to pharmaceutical materials.
It is open to European and non-European students who meet the criteria of academic excellence and have a minimum B2 level of English.

BioPhaM was built by a consortium of four acknowledged European Universities:  the University of Lille, the University of Pisa (Italy), the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain).
Organisation :
  • 1st semester : Université of Pisa;
  • 2nd semester : Polytechnic University of Catalonia;
  • 3rd semester : students can choose between a training on soft-matter and biopharmaceuticals at the University of Silesia in Katowice or condensed-matter and pharmaceuticals at the Université de Lille;
  • 4th semester : on work placement mobility.

Programme coordinator : Frédéric Affouard

International Master's in Life Sciences & Technologies

 M1 + M2 Life Sciences & Technologies   


The Master Life Sciences and Technologies is a highly interdisciplinary training programme based on the observation, handling and quantification of living systems in biology and health in biomedical technologies for real-time diagnosis, prognosis and precision medicine.

The training has integrated programmes with physicists (along with biologists, chemists & mathematicians) and is organized around interdisciplinary research projects, which combine personal and team work, the latter made up of students from different backgrounds (physicists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians, computer scientists & electrical engineering).

This Master is part of the « Information and Knowledge Society » Graduate programme, with highly supported international access. This Graduate Programme indeed offers scholarships (for the M1, renewable in M2) in addition to national and international grants (which cannot be cumulated with other scholarships such as Erasmus).

Eligibility, scholarship/grants, criteria and application (two calls per year) can be found on the Graduate programme homepage.

Programme coordinator: Émmanuel Courtade