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Our Bachelor's curricula partly in English

The Physics Department offers (provided there are enough students, international or French) two BSc curricula (from first to third year) taught partly in English (in addition to our BSc taught entirely in French): a BSc's in Physics (BSc-P) and a bidisciplinary BSc's in Physics & Chemistry (BSc-PC).

The programme of these two curricula is shared during the first year, and international exchange students can choose among a limited number of English-taught courses and tutorials in: mathematics, physics (Force-Field-Energy, Optics) and chemistry (atomistic chemistry, chemistry of solutions).

From the second year, the BSc-P curriculum covers all aspects of physics, from the very basics to the current frontiers of knowledge, whilst the BSc-PC curriculum wil bring you in addition an understanding of the modern aspects of chemistry. The two curricula provide English-taught lectures and tutorials in: thermodynamics and electromagnetism (P and PC, ~140h), organic and inorganic chemistry, crystallography and reactivity in organic chemistry (PC, ~170h).

As a result an international eXchange student can choose among French- and English-taught courses withing these two curricula. English courses include, in Physics: electromagnetism and thermodynamics, and in Chemistry: organic and inorganic chemistry, cristallography, reactivity in organic chemistry.

In the third year, students attending one of these two bilingual trainings (P and PC) are strongly encouraged to leave France and study abroad for at least one semester, hence the need to anticipate and prepare for this mobility early on during the second year.

Naturally our Faculty offers French courses for foreigners, but a minimum B2 level of French is required in order to enroll in a study program taught in French.

Interested ? contact the International mobility coordinator at the Department of physics.